Hiroshima/ Prewar map

Hiroshima map 1930

source: Japanese book “Series of Japanese geography and folk culture: Vol.10” published by Shinkosha

The city of Hiroshima is well known for the atomic bombing that happened in 1945. The aftereffects were the main focus but it is crucial to understand the city before the bombing that led to its significant historic incident that happened afterwards.

Hiroshima began its urban development during the imperial period where urban industries came to rise. The first Sino-Japanese war was the starting mark for a military base in Hiroshima. The establishments of railway system ease the transportation of military products and further industrialisation made way for the productions and developments of military supplies. By the end of 1930s, Hiroshima was blooming with military production factories and it was the focal point of military activities until World War 2. It was a clear fact that Hiroshima was targeted due to military reasons ,however, there was no distinct separation between the commercial, industrial, and residential zones in Hiroshima. 75 percent of the population was concentrated in the city centre, which led to the deaths of the innocent people who were living in Hiroshima at that period.

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  1. It would be interesting to see how Hiroshima’s role as a military city affected its reconstruction effort. As a city that apparently was created by for war, eventually ruined by it, and ironically will always be associated with it, did the absence of it following the bombings have any impact on the new plan? The street grid, for example?

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