Istanbul(1923)/Ataturk-Founder of the Turkish Republic

Video Clip of the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Documentary © Wriiten and directed by Tolga Ornek


Video Clip of Ataturk-Founder of the Turkish Republic

Early History of Modern Turkey_Biography Documentary © The Best Film Archives


These two video clips talk about the life of the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was the Turkish army officer, the reformist statesman and the first President of Turkey. Therefore he was also called the Founder of the Republic of Turkey.

Starting from 1919, Ataturk lead the Turish National Movement in the Turkish War of Independence. And in 1923, his military campaign gain victory in the Turkish War of Independence, at the same year, Republic of Turkey was proclaimed. Ataturk, as the founder of the Republic of Turkey, has done many major reforms to the country which shape the present Turkey. Areas include political , legal, social ,cultural and economic reforms. These are called the ‘Ataturk Reforms’.The reform mainly focus on discarding the meaningless tradition of the Ottoman Empire and bring modernization to the country. Examples like building new schools and made the primary education free of charge and compulsory.One more important reform is women is giving equal civic and political rights as men.

Therefore we will further develop our research base on the influence of this man- Ataturk, how he led the Turkish National Movement, , the transition from Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey, what are the major reforms that  has brought to the country and how these reforms has influenced the modern Turkey.

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