Dhaka/ City Fabric Under Modernization

dhaka u

Map 1: Dhaka University Area


old dhaka fabric

Map 2: Old Dhaka City Nowadays

map of wari

Map 3: Wari- New Town Planning Under British Rule – and Surroundings

From Map 2, it can be seen that the “Old Dhaka” still remains the original Mughal layout of the human scale city, which the narrow lanes, compacted but tidy buildings, etc. can still be identified in the map.  However, compared with Map 1, the Dhaka University was welly planned with greenery and large open spaces between buildings and roads.  This illustrated the idea that during the British colonial time, planner Sir Patrick Geddes’ planning of conserving area to accommodate growth was never carried out in areas outside the Dhaka University area, even though the renewal period of Dhaka, in fact, there is a clear line between the “planned and unplanned” area that can tell from the satellite view which the density of buildings and open space have a huge difference. The unchanged city fabric since Mughal period might have also illustrated a possibility that this part of the city has long been an important trade port equipped with trade markets, which is supported by ships parking along the coast and the name of the neighboring location, Babu Bazaar.

In Map 3, it is clear that the city fabric are different as Wari is planned in well defined grid, which can be identified compared with its surroundings where the regularity of the grid is being dissolved.

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  1. I can clearly see what you meant by human scale city from the two images you have posted. Sir Patrick Geddes plan “to conserve the area to accommodate growth”. How does his planning try to achieve that notion? why was it never carried outside the area? was it because it was unsuccessful or was it because the slum inhabitant would rather carry on growing without interference or that the inhabitants are blocking and restricting the renewal process of Dhaka?

  2. I appreciate the analysis of the modern urban fabric, but this separation of university/campus master plan from the old/historical district of the city is common in most cities. Because of this it is hard to draw any conclusions specific to Dhaka without further analysis. Perhaps look for more city planning documents or other documentations to enrich the research.

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