Beijing / Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin – The Old Town (Documentary Video)

This video gives a general brief of Liang Sicheng’s view on turning the capital of China, Beijing, into a productional city. Liang was a creative architect who has also been a teacher of architectural history, a pioneer in historical research and exploration in Chinese architecture and planning, and a leader in the restoration and preservation of the priceless monuments of his country. “If the world has only got the essence of art, there is no objective standard as a protection, i am afraid that the whole city will be damage. This one old oriental town i have. If it lost its artistic characteristics, it will also loss the cultural performance and visual impact sadly.” Liang Sicheng said. In this video we can see how much Liang cares about the city and wants to protect it from loss its essence by over development.

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  1. The facts have proved that Liang and Lin had a great forward-thinking about the future of old Beijing in1950s.They had done their duty fulfill obligation as architects.

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