Burst of Population Due to government

Document: Putra Rizkiya (2011) : Contemporart urban Setting in Jakarta and Indoesia: University of Applied Sciences


This Documented the urban growth during the 1980s to 2000s period. The movement that arose in Jakarta made a great impact on the urban planning history.

Rapid population growth causes high pressure to the inner city. The pressure to grow then moves to peripheral area. Urban growth in Jakarta forces the peripheral area to suburbanizeand the housing demand starts to increase. The government adopts a policy to reduce the development pressure in inner city by relocate the pressure to peripheral area. Suburbanization was accelerated during 1980-2000 through government policy to develop city region called ‘Jakarta Metropolitan Area (JMA)’, the other name of JABODETABEK. The main policy to support this city region was to develop several new cities and new high class residential, commercial and industrial areas in periphery, especially in Bogor, Depok,Tangerang and Bekasi and supported by freeways. This policy accelerates the migration rate to suburban area. During 1995-2005 the average number of migrants who migrated to peripheral areas of Jakarta was 1.6 million people a year and this migration contribute to raise the number of population in peripheral area, which was 4.4. million in 1980, and then tripled to 12.6 millions in 2000(www.indonesiaurbanstudies.com). As shown in table 4.1, Jakarta during 1980-2000 only experienced 30% of population growth. However, the peripheral area of Jakarta experienced a tripled population growth.”

Jakarta .Phase change. Ho Jun Yin
Jakarta .Phase change.@2012, science photo library


The Landsat satellite photograph above showed the growth of Jakarta over the years between 1976-2004 The red representing the vegetation and green is the Urban areas.

Such Policies from the government has lead to one of the great disaster of Jakarta population growth. Because of such rapid growth in such a short time, It suffered a lot of consequences that will take a long time to solve.


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