Dhaka (1608-1757) / Rising in power since Mughal domain

Map showing the Demarcation between Pre-Mughal and Mughal Dhaka © Ahmad Hasan Dani
dhaka city 1600 to 2003
Growth of Dhaka 1600-2003 © The Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)


Human settlement in Dhaka has existed since the 7th Century CE and has been ruled by various kingdoms until the Mughal Empire ruling in 1608 which lead Dhaka to rise in prominence. Originally being a small Hindu trading town, it became a provincial capital of Bengal. It had topographic advantages of being situated on higher ground in a low lying region and was accessible through its plentiful water routes. Mughal Dhaka developed as business centre for handicrafts and rose in commercial importance as a trading centre in South East Asia. The city was divided into several functional areas: the market place, cottage industries, industrial areas, and trading areas. As the city was on low land and other directions were not suitable for development, city expansion was towards north.

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  1. Perhaps you can annotate the historical map so that the difference between pre- and post-mughal Dhaka is clearer. What conclusions are you able to draw from population growth map?

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