Dhaka/ Vulnerable to flooding

Rivers in Central Bangladesh © Wikipedia
Map of Dhaka City © The Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)


As it is situated on a flood plain and Burma basin, the location of Dhaka makes it vulnerable to natural disasters – flooding and earthquakes. The city is low flat land surrounded by the rivers Buriganga to the south, Turag to the west, Tongi khal to the north, and Balu to the east. The elevation of Dhaka is up to 13 meters above mean sea level. Outflow of seasonal flooding is very serious, where flooding can go up to 2-4 meters high for three to four months in flood prone areas. The large water body poses a major problem to its development but is also what drives the economy. Hence, we will further explore how the city expansion of Dhaka has been limited by its natural topographical conditions.

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  1. I think this is a good direction for your research. The city’s exploration of and vulnerability to water will likely reveal a lot about its unique culture, history, economy and demographics, and in turn its architectural form. The hard part is narrowing the focus of your research and conclusions to the realm of architecture and planning.

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