Government plans to relocate Jakarta Slums

Jakarta slum map.Ho Jun Yin

The city is now undergoing a lot of pressure and urgency to relocate the poor communities of Slum. They are delicate and complicated to handle. A lot of the ideas have been developed for the good climate changes, ideally to those that incorporate mitigation and adaption measure. the Integrating projects and program now are to improve spatial planning and decrease poverty to one systematized application. Which is to relocate the slums out of the city center through building social housing for them on the outskirts of the city center.

Relocation have been planned to move more than 30,000 dwellers to 29 low cost built flats of social housing. The plan are to be carried out in two phases. First, The slum settlements that are to be moved first are the dwellers that are located surrounding the central districts: North, South, East, West. Then the Second phase are to move the Dwellers around the river.

What good will it bring when Slum dwellers relocated to the City:

1. Jakarta has many rivers. The Revitalizing of the area to green open spaces would significantly bring better environment to the densely populated city.

  • In Jakarta, there are 13 rivers and canals that flow through Jakarta. These are one of network of public spaces that can be used without acquiring the land. However, because the waters are always dirty and have lots of rubbish in them, they cannot make any use for transportation as the rubbish always get caught up the turbine, the maintenance fee for it are usually a problem. Therefor to make use of the River, the slum area from the river banks should be set back into social housing and create more green open space on river banks. But the fact is that, there are lots of budget for building the social housing and developing of rivers. The Problem in the reality world are coming from the acquisition of lands. Slum settlers do not move or resettle elsewhere easily.

2. Slums occupied a lot of area that can have an influence on the city. With them being relocated, Roads can be restructured and widen

3.The networking was once prioritize for the port can be structured for what the modern day needs better for private vehicles than large ones from port.

4. The underground public transport can be fullfilled with less worry of having to avoid areas.

5. Economy of the city can boost as the traffic jams will be diminished and will finally be truly solved

6. More green space will be available to the public in the DKI Jakarta area since the time when it has dramatically boost it’s population 1970s-present.



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  1. Slums are a logical response to urbanization and the relative lack of opportunity in rural areas in poor countries. The slum relocation is a direct solution to improve the existing areas and also improve the conditions of slum dwellers. The relocation of slums to the periphery of Jakarta is however is a compelling factor as it is inconvenient to travel and expenses are high. As there is a sense of belonging in slums for slum dwellers, many people would rather stay at the core slum areas than be relocated to better living conditions. There is hence the factor of rehabilitation schemes that whether housing relocation programs actually benefit those they are intended to serve. Is it sustainable to relocate people and renovate slum areas to improve the city?

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