Hiroshima/ Bibliography(America’s Hiroshima, Hiroshima’s America)

America’s Hiroshima, Hiroshima’s America

Peter Schwenger and John Whittier Treat ( Spring, 1994). America’s Hiroshima, Hiroshima’s America.

Boundary 2, Vol. 21, No. 1, Asia/Pacific as Space of Cultural Production (pp. 233-253)

In this article, the interpretation of Hiroshima by the Americans and Japanese and the identifications of the Japanese and Americans after the World War 2 were compared. The Americans portrayed themselves as the role of saviours, providing full compassion and care to the Japanese after the atomic bomb. Hiroshima, became a word of achievement to the Americans, described by the article as ” disneyfication “. The view of the Japanese on America on the other hand, was a conflicting one. The Japanese seems to be the timid one, avoiding the mention of words like “America” or even “atomic bomb” when writing about this tragedy. This article provides a great start to understand the mentality of both Americans and Japanese after the war, as the difference could significantly affect the post war development of Hiroshima.

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