Ho Chi Minh/ Depiction of the past II

bibliography II
TERZANI, Tiziano. (1997) Saigon 1975: Three Days and Three Months. Bangkok: White Lotus.



Tiziano, a Florence Journalist at the time of the War, had been living in Asia for more than 25 years, witnessed the wars and revolutions brought by the fight of capitalist and communist ideologies. In 1975, he was one of the few Western journalists that risked their safety to stay behind in Saigon in order to witness the take-over of Ho Chi Minh City by communists. The book is like a diary, describing events happened during the three days before the end of war (27- 30 Apr 1975) and the three months seen by Tiziano in detail. It helps constructing a more comprehensive review on the event as the author was not hold to any specific believes or ideologies.

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