Ho Chi Minh/ Integration

After the take over, instead of pulling the city down and rebuilding a new city, the government kept the architecture left by the Americans. They were revitalized with new functions. The Vietnamese appreciated the marks left by the war and capitalists, and rehabilitated the city.


“ At Tan Son Nhut it was the archeology of our American empire…On the drive into the city it was the coils of rusting concertina wire on top of the compound walls that had protected the homes of the former Saigon government officials and buildings rented to Americans. The Vietnamese who lived in them now apparently found the barbed wire a deterrent to burglars and, as with mush else the American had left behind, no one had gotten around to removing it.”

(Neil, 1992, p.62)


“ We checked into the Rex, scene of the “Five O’Clock Follies” during the war, the derisive nickname the press corps had coined for the military briefing each afternoon. Thanks to the determination of its director, Dao Huu Laon, an enterprising Northerner who had emigrated to the South 1975, to turn it into the best hotel in town…”

(Neil, 1992, p.63)


With the take-over, a lot of things had to be settled. Not every important locations in the War had immediately found their new adaptation for the government and population. In this situation, these landmarks would become government buildings for better preservation and future conservation.


“ The villa there had been the U.S Consulate during the French years was awaiting possible conversion into the first US. Embassy in Vietnam’s national capital. In the meantime, it was serving as a headquarters for the Fatherland Front, the government-controlled political and civic organization to encourage national unity.”

(Neil, 1992, p.66)

From these examples, it is observed that the impact from Mr Ho Chi Minh and his followers was inevitable in urban planning during the years near the end of the fall of Saigon. The communists were not strongly opposed to the capitalists and their work but often seeking balance in between to create their ideal state of society.


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