Ho Chi Minh/ Stand of the revolutionist

“ Neither you nor I knows the American well,” Ho said to his Polish visitor, “but what we do know of them, what we have read and heard about them, suggests that they are practical and clear-sighted than other capitalist nations. They will not pout their resources into Vietnam endlessly. One day they will take pencil in hand and begin figuring. Once they really begin to analyze our ideas seriously, they will come to the conclusion that it is possible and even worthwhile to live in peace with us. Weariness, disappointment, the knowledge that they cannot achieve the goal which the French pursued to their own discredit will lead to a new sobriety, new feelings and emotions.”

(Neil, 1992, p.58-59)


“The fact that I had written “Giai Phong!” did not prevent me from saying that the “liberators” had become the “opressors”.”

(Tiziano, 1997, Twenty Years Later)


Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionist, made his prediction on the war in 1963 in Hanoi to Polish diplomat. The man who had indispensible influence on the formation of the new government revealed the attitude of communists towards the capitalist government. While the American ideology emphasized on destroy to rebuild, the communists went to the opposite, emphasizing on justice. This perspective affects how the new government treated the city after the take-over, especially on the traces left by the American. Yet, power has its ability of turning the “liberator” into the “oppressor”. The communist ideology vanished with the rise of the communist government which is observed in how the government was transforming the city in later years.

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