Hong Kong/ Bibliography

CHEUNG, K.W. (2009) Hong Kong’s Watershed: The 1967 Riots. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.

The book was a documentation of the cause, happenings and impacts in the 1967 riots in Hong Kong. The 11 chapters have detailed description of the location, time and process of the protest. As the protests took place at different streets in the city, the author has almost documented all the streets with the corresponding happenings. This has visually given the actual routes of the protest. The quality of spaces of protest could then be explored.



Cuthbert, A.R., McKinnell, K.G., (1997) Ambiguous space, ambiguous rights – Corporate power and social control in Hong Kong. Vol. 14, No. 5, pp. 295-311. Elsevier Science Ltd.

This article has an in-depth examination of the social control in Hong Kong in terms of its public space. It explained the lack of public space in Hong Kong since the new urban planning of the city during the British colonial period. It also explained the historical position of Hong Kong in relation to Britain and China. With political, economical and historical reasons, it then drew a conclusion that Hong Kong has no rights of enjoying real public space.

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