Hong Kong / Video Clips of Umbrella Movement

These two videos were taken from different perspectives to record the occupied area in Admiralty; both were taken in late October 2014.


Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152915702962448

Protesters in Admiralty standing silently for 87s in memory of the first month of Umbrella Movement, 2014, Apple Daily


This video was trying to record the protesters holding umbrellas for 87 seconds. (87 stands for the 87 canisters of tear gas the police fired on September 28th 2014.) Besides this impressive move, the video actually gives us a sense of organization of this occupied public space. Through grasping that sense of speed in the video, one can clearly see which part of the ground is for gathering and which are for circulation (people flow along the edges of the crowd and also on footbridges). These define the basic spatial qualities of a plaza for public uses.




A View of the Artistic Protests of the Umbrella Movement © 2014, CNN


The other video was taken from eye-level. It captured all the add-on elements in Admiralty which was not there before the occupying movement. These include art installations like Lennon Wall (where a lot of memo papers were placed), and banners which protesters used for voicing out their thoughts and temporary shelters, etc. All of above make up the public space in the occupied area and make it favorable.

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