Fergusson, J. (1847) An Essay on the Ancient Topography. London: W. Hughes publishing

An aged text on the state of ancient Jerusalem as well as the transference of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and subsequent effects on the urban and political climate of Jerusalem. The most relevant section in particular is pages 34-46 which detail the prevalence of walls during the early Christian era. The book is extremely useful as a means of providing an aged perspective on the conflicts within Jerusalem (specifically references to Flavius Josephus’s ‘War of the Jews’.

Bosworth, C. (2007) Historic Cities of the Islamic World. Boston: Brill Publishers

“The Islamic history of Jerusalem clearly falls into three periods. During the first six hundred years, the possession of the city was contested between Islam and Christianity and between many Islamic princes and factions.”

The Jerusalem section of the book Historic Cities of the Islamic World is great for detailing the Christian Islamic conflict through a chronological perspective. The segment also pays particular attention to key sieges and the beginnings of the ‘Islamification’ of Jerusalem.

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