Tianjin/ International Invite Tenders of Hai River Renovation in 2002 -part2





In 2002, the biggest project on Hai River renovation begins and it’s led by government of Tianjin.

  • The Goal

1, Make the Hai River an unique, first class,cultural landscape belt for service economy. Make the Hai River a world famous river.

2, Make it capable to resist flood, supply water, transportation

3, Make it possible for leisure, travelling, and further development


  • Projects

1, Ten bridges

2, Renovation of the band

3, Seven developable districts along the river

4, Intimate platform with water


  • Generous Investment

Over eighteen billion RMB is planned to invest into the Hai River amelioration project in all


The grand plan of Hai River aims to forge a brand of Tianjin. It tries to improve the position of Hai River as an development spine of Tianjin, a future international metropolis.


Those projects radically changed the bands beside Hai River. The renovation of Hai River is either a milestone or a big leap in its history. The Hai River’s identity as public space and economical central belt is highly consolidated by government’s plan. The River becomes a center or generator of the city’s development.


The kind of rapid and imposed development reveals how the city is anxious to be one of the international metropolis. However, the project create a surreal image along the river where you enjoy colorful architectural styles and the most advanced technology but the rest of the part of Tianjin is still taking the burden of the history. It drives me think whether the development strengthens the identity of Hai River or just create another Seine in Tianjin.

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  1. It is interesting to see that the Hai River will becomes a major point in Tian Jin’s development by its renovation. More than giving to the city an attracting place to go and walk by, can it give also something else?
    I think the project is also an issue on how the city can contributes to an ecological way. By taking the advantage of the natural resource, the city can investigate their own water management and since in northern of China, there is not enough drinkable water, it is a natural resource that can’t be ignored. (<a href="http://www.pubfacts.com/detail/25142344/Water-resources:-the-prerequisite-for-ecological-restoration-of-rivers-in-the-Hai-River-Basin-northe&quot😉
    The Hai River is already under a Franco-Chinese bilateral cooperation with the Office International de l’Eau (OIEau) or International Office of Water (IOWater) in the matter of exchange the experiences. Such as the protection of the ecosystem and its restoration, the control of water permitting and the water monitoring which is the control of water quantity and quality. It shows that this concern is already taking into account in the process.
    So I understand the fracture that this project can lead if we have to compare this development with the other surrounding area but I think that it can maybe also contributes to this ecological point.

    • Yes, I think ecology is an issue of Hai River’s development. Between the completion of the Secondary Gate(二道闸) and the new mass development there is indeed a water quality amelioration. The construction of the gate contributed to supplying fresh water, on the other hand, it make the Hai River static and rot.

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