Tianjin / Once A Place to Join Together

In my previous narrative post, I talked about the growing city images of Tianjin, which depicts a city rapidly grows into a metropolitan on the background of China’s rapid economic development. Comparing to other municipalities in China, Tianjin in the last one embarking on the track of high-speed development. It is also because of this that Tianjin could take other municipalities as reference and avoid frustrated revolution, which accelerates the speed of development. The salaries of my parents have increased dozens of times since my birth. Our daily lives have been keeping transforming along with economic growth as well as the city images of lives along Haihe River.


‘众水所汇,八方来仪’(the junction of water, contains all people coming from the world), the sentence paints a picture of flourishing Haihe River. Haihe was a place where water joins together and weaves thousands of lives together.

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Haihe plays a significant role in the urban planning of Tianjin all the time, but the influence of Haihe River on inhabitants’ lives is not as straightforward as origin now. It faded out of people’s lives till the end of 20 century, the time I was born. Because of the lack of bridges, the traffic bottleneck problem increasingly serious. Haihe, the place tp join, became an obstacle standing on the spine of this city. During the period of rapid economic transformation, the existing condition of Haihe cannot be ignored or laissez-faire any more. A revolution of urban planning along Haihe River was desperately in demand. At the start of 21 century, the development of Haihe seemed ready to come out.

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