Tianjin/ Tianjin Hai River Plan -Part2-2 Bridges as Public Space

public thinking


Hai River as a string of the Tianjin Urban Fabric


Weave the urban fabric with Hai River by bridges, Locations of the Bridges along the Hai River upstream


(1) New Bridges

Dagu Bridge(2005)
Jinhui Bridge (2008)
Hebei Street Bridge (2008)



Jinfu Bridge (2008)


(2) Old Bridges

Revolution Bridge (1927)
Beian Bridge (1939, renovated in 2008)
Jingang Bridge (1924, 1996 reconstructed)


   Yongle Bridge (2008) with a ferris wheel (the Eye of Tianjin) on it


Constructions of new bridges and renovations of old bridges of projects intensely happen along the Hai River. It’s more than that they as infrastructure contribute to breaking the barrier of Hai River, connecting the lands and provide more efficient accesses to Hai River. Some of them work as public space as well, enhancing the idea that the river becomes communal gathering, travelling, commercial center of Tianjin. People could walk through Hai River. The river is not merely a transportation channel, but a part of urban fabric as well.

The Yongle Bridge by KAWAGUCHI & ENGINEERS is an example. A beautiful ferris wheel, which also known as the eye of Tianjin is perfectly implemented on the bridge. As a tourist, spending 50 RMB you will get a 30 minutes adventure of different angles to Tianjin. You may even see the Tianjin Harbour. Lots of people prefer to go to the bridge at night to enjoy the spectacular view of Tianjin. The bridge is no longer an infrastructure but public space on Hai River.

Bridges also brings new views and attraction to the city, some of them are gradually becoming landmark of the city like Jinfu Bridge. The renovation projects activate the old infrastructure by giving them new identity. The mixed styles of bridges help Tianjin to be a more international harbor with increasing amount of architects coming and constructing here. With the construction of bridges which break the boundary of river and land, Hai river is gradually merging into the urban fabric and become a part of the citizen’s daily life.





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