A video clip revealing the real situation of slum tourism in Jakarta

“Slum tourism” A video took in the slums of Jakarta   “1:09 – 3:30


Tourist A,“A little bit behind the facade of the fancy buildings and the shopping malls to get the different impression”
Tourist B,“People are very friendly..their lives are really heroic…their lives are full of hardship but they are so cheerful”

The video casting Jamal, who found a tour guide in Jakarta who had a niche in the market for himself and turnout he guided foreign tourists trough the cities slums.The tourists got to see a part of Jakarta they would normally never see,and the local population in turn gets to earn a living through the tour.

“During the last decade, there has been an increased attention on slum tourism phenomenon in some developing countries.Slum tourism actually is not a new kind of tourism. The practice of slumming as a leisure activity has been done by rich people in London, England, since the nineteenth century.”,according to the Rolfes,Outterson & Selinger.

The Jakarta slum tourism,in a very big contrast to those slum tourism participated by those upper echelon in Europe.It was initiated by a former movie maker,Ronny Poluan, in 2008. The aim is to let tourists have an authentic view of the local tours.We can see that the slum clusters forms a continuous urban fabric along the railway,which is one of the major transportation and physical network.


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Tourists in the slums of Jakarta by VPRO Metropolis 

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