Beijing / Bibliography

Dr. Li Yu (2014) Chinese City and Regional Planning Systems. Ashgate Publishing Limited

This book is divide into two parts : Market logic and the state in action. In the market logic it talks about the urban development of Beijing in terms of economy such as land market, housing market configuration. In the second part it focuses on State, governance and land management. It argues the changing of city planning from resource allocation to place promotion. It also discusses the entrepreneurial city and competitive urban strategies of the Beijing urban development.

This book explores the theoretical implication of the background for the planning system in China, it looks at The People’s Republic of China as a major part of Asia and analyzes it starting from its location on the world map and physical characteristics. This books provides a magisterial overview and analysis of the complex and contested nature of city and regional planning in China by mapping the organization arrangements for planning and considers the catalogue of strategic and local issues in the country.

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