Hiroshima/ Biblography( Economic Reconstruction in Postwar Hiroshima)

Economic Reconstruction in Postwar Hiroshima: Formation of Industrial Clusters and Application of the Diamond Model

Fumi Okawa.Economic Reconstruction in Postwar Hiroshima:Formation of Industrial Clusters and Application of the Diamond Model.

(pp 77-128)


The reconstruction of Hiroshima after the war was greatly influenced by its prewar economy. The city’s expert in military production before the war was the starting point of the innovation of technologies after the war. The scarcity of resources in Hiroshima after the war was proven not to pull Hiroshima down, but became the drive of generating innovation. The Japanese were not the only ones responsible for the changes in postwar Hiroshima, the US played a significant role in this process, as it was one of the drivers that pulled Hiroshima out of the military based city and pushed it towards a peace city.

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