Looking into the Slum Future

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The above two photos show clearly that how the slum residents adapt to the harsh living conditions. The first photo shows the local use the big pipes as a covered shelter and the second photo shows their high adaptability in using raw natural materials as tools. Their cultural intelligence should be preserved and much appreciated.

“The economically poor are not necessarily culturally poor, and that’s one reason people are interested in them,” says Goodwin. “Many have rich traditions of music and dance and strong social structures.” Out of the favelas, for instance, emerges a new sound that fuses hip hop and traditional Brazilian music.

According to Poluan, one of the organizers of slum tours in Jakarta, he and his organization, Yayasan Interkultur (Intercultural Foundation), initiated this tour to facilitate the encounter between people from a kaleidoscope of cultural backgrounds that can in turn result in fruitful intercultural exchange. In that sense, he refuses to label his clients as “tourists” and would rather prefer to name them as “participants”. He also assures that if later Jakarta slum tours evolves and changes into a commercial tour package, it will remain unique from normal commercial tours.

I think the slum tours can be further developed in the future in terms of depth of the tour and supporting services, like establishing some local workshops and allow locals to practice their traditional craftsmanship to let the tourists get to know more about the local culture. This could be incorporated into a more sustainable tourism in the future.

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Online text : SLUM TOURISM IN JAKARTA by Deti Kusmalawati


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  1. The idea of slum tour is interesting and can enhance the inter-cultural interaction between “participants” and local people. If a timetable or schedule for a slum tour is taken as an example, this can help the understanding of what slum tour actually is. Also, a map locating the slum in Jakarta is also useful for developing the research.

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