Slum tourism in reality,Jakarta

Video via this link -> Slum tourism in Jakarta

The video clip in the link above revealed the true face of slum tourism and brings out the issue on the increasing concern towards the ethics of slum tourism in third world countries. The argument derived from whether these earning in slum tourism really help those people in dreadful need in the slum area or it is just bringing more and more people going to these slums and “stare”at the poor, without helping improve their living conditions. There are often accidents happening like kids often got killed by the passing by trains as their houses are simply locating right align to the railway. How could those outsiders face these kid of situations physically and mentally when the locals merely treat this as a daily occurrence? It also stirs up the question on how could we strike a balance in bringing more people inside the slums and at the same time contributing to the improvement of the living of the people there, and this is far on top of how much money they could earn from the slum tourism.


Source : The NewZealand Gerald

Indonesia : Slum tourism in Jakarta 2012

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