Dhaka / Urban problems Dhaka citizens are facing today

DHAKA: A CITY OF POSSIBILITIES?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbSLomNBZcA

In the documentary, people of Dhaka were being asked two questions: What is the most common problem they face in the city and what can be the solution to the problems? The main problems they came up with are traffic, lack of space and greens, air and water pollution, security and flooding. All these difficulties the city is experiencing are actually the results of the inappropriate guidance in city development by the government.

The lack of cooperation between land-use planning and transportation system has resulted in uncontrolled development and a poor mix of land uses, which causes inefficiencies in the Dhaka’s transportation system. Only focusing on road-based network system has also weakened the potentials of other possible types of transportation system such as rail or water transport. The unplanned orientation of road network also leads to built-in problems on the operational and management aspects of the transportation system and functionally weakens the street network system. Inefficiency and malfunction in traffic management is also one of the major problems of Dhaka city transportation system that is responsible for making the existing system even more unproductive.

Crisis in the transportation system has considerably affecting the physical form and functional performance of the city. Together with the flooding problem in Dhaka which leads to thousands of refugees moving away from their destroyed and flooded hometown to move to the capital to seek for stable living, the entire social and physical environment is progressively deteriorating, causing suffering and inconveniences to the people. With ever growing travel demand resulting from phenomenal growth of urban population, immediate actions are required to develop Dhaka city into a sustainable mega city. However, due to the misdiagnoses of the root causes of the problems of Dhaka city, the approaches taken for improving the condition so far have actually been gradually pushing the city into worse conditions. Most of the initiatives are undertaken with only short-term considerations instead of long-term visions, which may become a burden or constraint to the city’s overall transport infrastructure development potential.

Inherent Weaknesses of Transportation System in Dhaka Metropolitan City and Challenges for Sustainable Development, S.M. Sohel Mahmud, Dr. Md. Shamsul Hoque and Abdus Shakur Qazi

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