author: Lin Xi press: Tianjin Peoples Publishing House


author: Lin Xi press: Tianjin Peoples Publishing House
author: Lin Xi
press: Tianjin Peoples Publishing House

Lin Xi, Wang Xiaoyan, 2007. In fact you don’t understand ‘Tianjiner’, 1st ed. Tianjin Peoples Publishing House.

If you can understand Chinese and interested in the people from Tianjin, I strongly recommend this book to you. This book portrays a group of vivid and authentic ‘Tianjiners’. The author captures the most common but unsearchable characters of ‘Tianjiner’ accurately. In the last Chapter, the author depicts Tianjiner’s universal feeling to Haihe River. The content of this book is filled with a sense of humor which is the basic element in Tianjiners’ lives.


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  1. I certainly appreciate the sense of humor and hospitality that Tianjin people feature. And I wondered whether these peculiarities have anything to do with the fact that Tianjin is a city that established itself on water transportation. With the influx of capital and people, Tianjin became one of the most commercial centers in northern China. Tianjin people had to deal with all kinds of people from different places. Maybe that could be why Tianjin people developed such an positive characteristic.

    • In my personal view, the sense of humor is generated from grass root culture of Tianjin. Different from other metropolitans, Tianjin is located next to another metropolitan-Beijing. Beijing was an imperial city, which imprints royal culture on the characters of Beijing. Wall of the city, which is the symbol of principles and status, is sovereign in Beijing but more inessential in Tianjin, in term of the inner feeling of inhabitants of these two cities. The people living in Tianjin are always freedom from care and lack of the sense of competition. Humor is explicit life attitude of ‘Tianjiners’.

  2. At the beginning I feel sense of humor is kind of unrelated to your topic, although this book also includes Tianjiners’ feeling about Haihe River, which is “city image”. But after a while I understand that character of people in a city can always have some influence in the urban changes. But still I wonder how…
    And by the way, choosing this book show your sense of humor. 🙂

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