Tianjin/Maps0-To Start and In Progress: Historical City Maps and Satellite Maps

historical axonometric map of 1899 Tianjin



historical map of 1739 Tianjin

The history of Tianjin could be traced back to 13th century. Because of the natural geographic advantage, settlement around Haihe started to be thrived. Water Transportation should be addressed as the basement of the establishment of Tianjin. Tianjin was established on the 23rd December of 1404.

Because of the development of concession, Tianjin is one of the earliest cities that bring western urban planning into practice. During the long historical process, the city pattern of Tianjin has been transformed from one center to two centers.

The city development history of Tianjin can be summaries into four prime stages:

-Establishment of Ancient Tianjin (——1493)


-Expansion of Concession (1860——1900)

-Influenced by Modern Urban Planning (1900——1926)

-Generation of Master Plan (1926——1936)

-Occupation by Japanese (1937——1944)

-Recovery and Development After World War II (1945——1949)


-Establishment of PRC (1949——1966)

-Cultural Revolution (1966——1976)

-Recovery After Earthquake (1976——1986)


-Touch of The Bohai Sea and Establishment of Harbor (1986——2006)

-Two Harbors Two Centers (2006——)


satellite photo of the original center of Tianjin


‘Two Centers, Two Harbors’

Running through Tianjin, Haihe River played and will be playing a crucial role of Tianjin urban planning no matter in which stages. Not only the influence of Haihe River on Tianjin has changed, but also the nature, the function and the meaning of Haihe itself have transformed


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