Failure on umbrella revolution(Admiralty)

The first announcement of umbrella revolution happened one year ago. Since then, the Hong Kong government has one year of time for planning in-order to prevent this giant protest to happen. due to the limitation of police force in Hong Kong, the protest has lost control. In fact thousands of police units can not control ten thousands of protesters outside the government headquarter. Benny Tai, Chu Yiu-ming and Chan Kit-man, the three leaders of this protest(Umbrella Revolution) promised the crowd of protesters will be in control at anytimes. Few hours after the kick off of Umbrella Revolution, ten thousands of people began to lose control due to the strong reaction from the police force. People started to react violently and began to take over the motor way in Lung Wo Road (Admiralty). Protesters built their camps on public road and stationed their base on Lung Wo Road as a defense line. Lung Wo Road is one of the most important circulation for vehicle in Hong Kong island. The blockage by protesters did a huge damage in traffic. Failure on the government’s side which they underestimate the power from the protest, also failed to realize that blockage on Lung Wo Road will do far more damage in major circulation system than what the government can imagine. The public roads under the bridge design in Lung Wo street is not big enough to take over the load from Lung Wo bridge. Police force can not access  onto the bridge due to there is no secondary connection on bridge apart from the bridge’s ends.

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  1. The umbrella movement no doubt has impact on all of us in Hong Kong, no matter our social status or the position we stand. For me although it seems to be failing in terms of changing the central government and Hong Kong government’s decisions, it successfully make all of us think about the future of the city, and it is also inspiring because we ought to start reconsider the expectations on our government, and whether the liberty we are looking for the thing that can lead us to the right track. It is then successful if we as citizens start to feel our responsibility and what we can do with our positions because this is the only hope we can regain control over our own land.

  2. Whether the Umbrella Movement is a failure or not, it is quite still debatable. On the occupation level, i think the protesters successfully occupied a place that has very mobile activities. The occupied space has undergone constant transformation over the days from a place with little planning where only a few medical and supply stations, access through the concrete barriers, and open-air spaces for people to gather to the “Harcourt village” with plans that includes tents, stations, and clear access.

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