Dhaka/ Change in Land Use Before, During, and After British Rule

mughal dhaka

Map 1: Dhaka City Land Use 1700

land use 1910

Map 2: Dhaka City Land Use 1910

land use 1945

Map 3: Dhaka City Land Use 1945

From Map 1 to Map 2, it is clear that the shift of high class residential area, from surrounding the fort to surrounding the race course, which might illustrated the focus of the high class during the Mughal Period to the British Rule.  High class distinguished themselves as the protection to the empire during the Mughal Period, and shifted to the ability or right for having race course as entertainment during the beginning of the East Indian Company rule.

From Map 2 to Map 3, the area of residential area of the upper class expanded clearly, and in Map 3 the upper classes defined themselves strictly with the middle and lower class by the rails.  It might illustrated the ability of moving upward of social class from the middle class, and it might probably obtained from the establishment of trading by railways with inland and neighbouring countries.  The controlling area of the upper class shifting from the riverfront to the side of rail illustrated the means of trade during the British rule changed from water to rails.

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