Dhaka/ Influence of British Rule in the Modernization of Dhaka – New Town Planning

This article will focus on the influence of the British Rule in the planning of city-scape.  In 1885, when Frederick Wyer, the Collector of Dhaka, suggested the idea of developing the jungle-beset area with “board roads and proper drains”, Wari, as the only locality developed as a fully planned residential area where the upper-middle class living in, and being considered the “sanatorium of Dacca”.

map of wari


Figure 1: Satellite Map of Wari and Surroundings

One of the reasons that Wari being called the “sanatorium” is because it is the only local community in Dhaka with well-planned drainage system, with the broad roads that welly defined different blocks in Wari.  It can clearly be seen that there are a few blocks in Figure 1 will more defined rectangular blocks compared with surrounding fabric.

On the other hand, because Wari is the ONLY locality residential area developed with such planning, there are no other local community living in such a nice condition as Wari.  Therefore, the word “sanatorium” is also a sarcasm of in the process of urbanization under the British Rule.

However, as these new towns only resided middle to upper classes, the poor’s needs were still being ignored by the Government.

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