Kuala Lumpur (1960-1970) / Historical Map and Photos 1

Malay Style National Museum, Malaysia
Malay Style National Museum, Malaysia

After the independence from the British Colonial rule, the government built this new national museum to replace the old Selangor Museum which is damaged during World War II.

Since the government is working hard to build the new identity for the newly formed state, the design of the National Museum adapt a lot of Malay-style feature into the building such as the extraordinary double pitched gable roof which is very common in traditional Malay architecture.

The employ of Malay style also represent the rising of Malay Nationalism. Although other ethnic group such Chinese, Indians and other ethnic minority also contribute to the independence, the museum almost only focuses on Malay culture and history. This implies that the new imagined nation will be a Malay-oriented country. The idea of multicultural society was not the prevailing in the early stage of independence. The Malay elites considered that the sovereignty of Malays is transferred from the Britain to the Malay.

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