Kuala Lumpur (1960-1970) /Historical Video Clip 1

Video of Kuala Lumpur ©1961, Steven Lai Chan Yang


The video is a valuable document recording the urban façade of Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur has changed its status from the capital of Selangor to that of the whole nation. The river Klang dividing the town into two sides is still obvious. With one side a colonial building and a more urbanized area. Cars and vehicles are moving quickly in the city and suggest the increase of mobility within the area. Railways going through the city facilitate the mobility between Kuala Lumpur and other towns, as well as rural areas.

Since the independent, more Malays worked in the government. Malay immigrants increase their population in Kuala Lumpur. Indians and Chinese also live in Kuala Lumpur together with the Malays. The boundary between the three races is blurred due to rapid urbanization. Although they still have their own settlement. The traditional segregation between races gradually disappeared. How to cooperate and develop the new nation among different race became the challenge.

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