Kuala Lumpur (1960-1970)/ Malay Nationalism vs Malaysian Malaysia

This topic is to further supplement the spatial and ethnic issues happened in Kuala Lumpur. From the formation of Malaya and Malaysia. The difference of the two concept and believe created the biggest problem to Kuala Lumpur and the country in 1950s and 1960s.

How to let different ethnic groups to get along with each other and achieve harmony? The Britain used the traditional method to divide the groups into jobs and geography. However, after the world trend of decolonization and democracy. The disappearance of the supreme class (the White) caused ethnic groups to compete with each other for political rights. Some accused the turmoil of racial conflicts is due to the lack of mixing ethnic groups with each other.

Urban is a place where more people reside and exchange physical things and conceptual thinking. People in urban is believed to be more civilized due to the close relationship and interaction of human. Hence, there is a need to develop of a system that regulates the behavior of them.

Back to the two values hold by the ethnic majority and the minority in Malaysia. The collision of ethnic groups will give diversity to the city, which makes it complex and rich. To make Kuala Lumpur a global city, the composition of major ethnic groups make it friendly to Islamic world, China as well as India. Hence, the Malaysian Malaysia should be a long term goal for the citizens to strive for.

On the other hand, the process of totally separate to the disappearance of boundary will take a long time to go. Measures that carefully regulate the speed of mixing will be essential to allow groups to have enough time to understand and know each other. New Economic Policy acted as protective policy to Malay population has served the purpose of it. Although it is not in the trend of anti-racism worldwide nowadays, NEP has still success to make Kuala Lumpur growth rate twice as Singapore. It is believed Ketuanan Melayu will still stay in mind of Malays. Nevertheless, under the anthem of globalization. The ethnic superior value will become less significant.

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