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Ramon H. Myers and Mark R. Peattie (1987) The Japanese Colonial Empire, 1895-1945. Paperback (Chapter 2 – Japanese attitudes toward Colonialism, 1895 – 1945 written by Mark R. Peattie)

The Japanese Colonial Empire, 1895-1945” is a book regrouping essays written by Japanese and American experts of the colonial empire of Japan. This essays are explaining the reasons of the raise of this empire and of its decline. The essays are not only focusing on the attitud of the Japanese Empire toward Korea but providing a global understanding of the strategies developed in the different occupied territories like Korea but also Taiwan and Karafuto.

The record of Japan’s viciousness in Korea and frequent insensitivity in Taiwan and the Pacific Territories is too clear to deny that Japanese colonials on the scene often had little regard for the interests of Taiwanese, Koreans, or Micronesians. Yet there did exist in Japan, and to a lesser extent in the colonies, persons of influence who were genuinely concerned with Japan’s colonial responsibilities and whose opinions on the subject were a good deal more liberal and humane than those occasionally voiced by European colonial spokesmen” p-93


Edited by Ramon H. Myers and Mark R. Peattie
Edited by Ramon H. Myers and Mark R. Peattie

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