Beijing (1950s)/ A Two-Center Beijing Under the Liang-Chen Proposal

Plan for new Beijing in Liang-Chen Proposal, via Chengji, edited by Celeste Zhou
General plan for new Beijing in Liang-Chen Proposal,via Chengji, edited by Celeste Zhou

In 1950, Liang Sicheng and Chen Zhanxiang brought up The Suggestion of the Location for the Administrative Center of Central Government (《关于中央人民政府行政中心区位置的建议》), in which the main idea was to put the administrative center to the west of the existing old city to prevent large scale demolition and provide more space for future development.

Nonetheless the fate of this proposal shared that of many ancient architectural structures in Beijing. Too eager to make progress and change Beijing completely with socialist goals, the central government failed to appreciate Liang and Chen’s suggestions.

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  1. A two-centre city is a good solution to the dilemma between preservation of the old historical city and the urge for rapid urban development of the capital. Despite the socialist goals during the time Liang proposed the idea, the shift of administrative centre away from the forbidden city provided promising potential for better urban development which allows coexistence of the historical centre and the new authority over the city planning.It is a pity that the proposed plan was not realised, however, it would also become a controversial issue if the Central government was shifted from the centre that has its historical significance over the century,political and social stability would be the main challenge.

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