Chongqing. Diagram of zoning.
Chongqing. Diagram of zoning.


This diagram is about the zoning in Chongqing city. Among all this kind of diagrams I found, this is the only one strictly based on the map of Chongqing. In this diagram, the city boundary and the boundary of each zone was drawn. More information of each zone was also drawn. There are centers of the zones, industrial land, and residential land. The main transportation connecting the zones are also showed here. These zones are hte industrial-residential clusters I wrote about in the narratives. This is the start of my studies on the industrial clusters.

In this diagram I see clearly the city is multinucleus, and the clusters are relatively independent. The city center is at the crossing of the two rivers, and the clusters are mostly near the river. This diagram suggests that the formation of the cluster were largely influenced by the topography.

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  1. I do not quite agree with your conclusion that the formation of cluster were driven by topography since the diagram does not offer information about the topography of Chongqing. Rather than that, they were driven by the two streams which probably because of the rich resources supplied by the river in the historical context, suggesting that there was no deliberate city planning in Chongqing at that time.

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