Chongqing(1950s-1960s)/Historical Map

Chongqing. Map of urban planning, made in 1981
Chongqing. Historical map of urban planning, made in 1981

This map shows the functional distribution of land in Chongqing, 1981. Although drawn in 1980s, I believe it actually shows the result of development during 1950s-1960s. Because there was no much development since 1966, when the cultural revolution occurred. This map is more specific than the diagram I posted, in that it shows other programmes than the residential and industrial land. It describes that each industrial-residential cluster has programmes such as hospital, schools, and green land. This further support the idea of Utopian clusters, and proves that theses clusters were really there, instead of being only a theory.

development in the near future of Chongqing
development in the near future of Chongqing, made in 1981

This map is about the changes going to happen after 1981. This is the first official urban planning of Chongqing after 1949. This map might be helpful for my group mate Yang Qian, since she is studying the period since 1980s.

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