Images of Chongqing City in Literatures and Historical Maps in Modern Period, by Y Yuzhen

Images of Chongqing City
Images of Chongqing City

City image is an important tool to study the relationship between the behavior of people and urban environment.Maps and texts deserves our study.

Through analyzing the changes of Chongqing city maps in different period from Qing Dynasty to the 1980s, and comparing the urban development process, this book argues that the traditional city image has much more relationship with the whole country, meanwhile, the early modern city image is developed with the perception of path heavily. The transformation of image is the consequence and reflection of urban transformation. By reading the city images, landscape and evolution of city culture in the text by Zhang Henshui, Zhu Ziqing, Bing Xin, Si Mayu and others , this book concludes that the urban form and urban culture of early modern Chongqing has undergone tremendous changes and profound impacts by “Xiajing” people.

From this book, we can see that how Chongqing has developed to a industrial city and how these changes can be reflected through city’s images.


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