Chongqing/Its industrial role

Location of  Chongqing in China
Location of Chongqing in China

Chongqing is located in the south side of china. the proposal is meant to fit the situation at that time, when industry is one of the most important issue in China.

The large construction of cities in China has begun in 1920-1930, but because of the second world war, the progress has been stopped. And also because of the war, Chongqing became the capital city. The fate of the city is actually determined by the political situation of China.

From the day that the republic of China established, the development of Chongqing is always accompanied by the background of China’s industrialization. Because of the industrial foundation of the alternative capital and the goal that China want to develop Chongqing as industrial city, The urban design of Chongqing is always about industrial layout and industrial development.

The focus of our research is from 1937on, the time span covers the second world war(Chongqing as capital city), to Chongqing as provisional capital. All through the time period, the role of  Chongqing as industrial city has stayed the same, but inevitably, with more people coming to Chongqing and the need to fit more program in, Chongqing is gradually changed to a comprehensive city with its industrial role fading.

The following essay will concentrate on the regulation and policy that put upon Chongqing and how they shaped the city in modern times.

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