Chongqing/The fate of Iron and steel company reflecting changing role of Chongqing

main industrial companies in Chongqing in 1990
main industrial companies in Chongqing in 1990

Chongqing Iron and steel company was formally HanYang steel company established by late Qing government. The cluster is now stop its producing, but the historical and cultural merit is wait to be explored. Chongqing Iron and steel company has seen the reestablishment of the capital and the transformation of industry, undergone the rebirth of itself after the relocation of the industrial area. Chongqing Iron and steel company has become the major pollutant source in Chongqing city. Although millions of fund has been put into it to reduce the pollution, the situation is still stays the same.

With the fast expansion of the city and the enhancement of the protection of the environment, the awareness and urgency of moving the company out of center is increased.

In 2009, The Sate Council established no.3 file and in which it is stressed that “should make sure that industrial company moving to better place and the updating of products. ” and in March of the same year, the general office of the state council put forward that “the industrial company should be moved to a better place.”

In 2010, with the need of city development and production arrangement, it is moved to the district of Changzhou. The originally industrial cluster is now become the storage land of Chongqing.

So we can see that the development of Chongqing is highly influenced by the government policy and political decision made by the state council, and as a formal industrial city, the role of Chongqing is gradually shifting to a more comprehensive city.


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  1. I am glad to hear news that we are concerning the nature more. Government and policy no doubt play the determining role of Chongqing’s shift. I am more curious about what’s the determinant of the decision by government. Which urban planning idea will the policy “protecting environment” lead to instead of the former industrial city model, which in my view is planned concerning efficiency. Does the shift of Chongqing reveal flaws of the original model? What’s the improved model of Chongqing as a new environmentally-friendly industrial city or Chongqing no longer put industry at the first place of its economical growth? Is the move of Chongqing iron and steel company a single case as a symbol or the no.3 file is really implemented and most factories in the city are being moved out.

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