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Orienting Istanbul: Cultural Capital of Europe ?
Orienting Istanbul: Cultural Capital of Europe ?

Book: Deniz Gokturk, Levent Soysal and Ipek Tureli (2010), Orienting Istanbul Cultural: Capital of Europe?, New York: Routledge


The book Orienting Istanbul is composed of five parts with different themes ranging from urban renewal, architecture and heritage preservation, cinema and literature and the city, Istanbul is illustrated with different case studies and analysis. In the beginning of the book, it describes how Istanbul transcends from its glorious days as the ancient capital of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire to a modern metropolis after the World War and the revolution.


Among all of the chapters, I am mostly on one of the article in chapter 5 entitled with Practices of Neo-Ottomanism: Making Space and Place Virtuous in Istanbul. In this chapter, it discusses about how the spatial quality of the streetscape in Istanbul closely relates to the Islamic religious ritual and traditions. In addition, it also illustrated how the aesthetics quality and essence of public space has gradually shifted from the public squares in Ottoman times to the Kemalist public spheres in the republican period. From the change of spatial aesthetics of the public space, we could see that how the urban planning of Istanbul responses to the change of political power fromm monarchy to republican government. Lastly, the transformation of these urban fabrics could also show a relationship with some of the major principles of Kemalism on land and social reform.

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