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Bede, S., Leonard, S. Fellow(2006), Condemned Communities: Forced Evictions in Jakarta, Volume 18. New York: Human Rights Watch


“Around 7 or 8 a.m., the military arrived. All together, there were about twenty military officers and some police — I saw them directly because I was already up and outside. I already knew their faces because they often came to our housing complex. But I was wondering why they were coming now. I asked one of them why they were here so early. I asked a military man directly. They were wearing full uniform. He said, “I have received orders from above to come here.” I asked, “For what purpose?” The military man answered, “I have instructions from my commander, but it’s not clear what my instructions are.” So I thought, he must think I’m stupid if he tells me he has instructions from above that are not clear…”*1


This was an interview made with a slum dweller who was evicted from her settlement. It shows the reality of forced eviction in Jakarta, causing much nuisance to the settlers whose shelters are not guaranteed afterwards. Indeed, forced eviction has become an alarming issue around the world, not only in Jakarta. It is considered not ethical since it is not a responsible act to the people originally living there. The government just came by and claimed the ownership of the land and then forced the residents to move out without notification and proper resettlement.


This book aims at introducing the issue “forced eviction” and explaining why this is a pressing problem to be solved in Jakarta, and lastly, giving suggestions on the alternatives and ways to deal with evictions.

It is useful in understanding the situation faced by the slum dwellers in Jakarta and the underlying reason why slums are still a problem in nowadays in Jakarta– since eviction creates a vicious cycle that the slum dwellers cannot but move to other regions that are still not evicted and continue their life in slums.


1. Human Rights Watch(2006), Condemned Communities: Forced Evictions in Jakarta, Volume 18p.1

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