Jakarta / Bibliography

United Nations Human Settlements Programme(2003), The Challenge of Slums – Global Report on Human Settlement 2003. UK: Earthscan Publications Ltd

This book is done by the United Nations, comprehensively analyzed slums in a global perspective. It has covered aspects of slums, including the definition, the history, the cause, the impact, etc that give a full picture and understanding of slums.Although it is not focused on one particular city, this extensive research has already offered us a solid foundation for understanding the slum, with case studies supporting the research.

Somehow from reading the book, one could realise that the causes for slum formation, and the problems created by slum are more or less similar among different cities, and this further suggests that it is a common illness of the urbanisation driven by globalisation. Because of globalisation, the development of cities often follows the footstep of those so-called successful urban planning strategies without thorough consideration of the matter of localisation, leading to a defected development. Thus, in order to dig deep into the problem of Jakarta, one has to understand the broader context of slum.


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