Kuala Lumpur / Detention and foreign workers

Malaysia: Detention and foreign workers
A year-long study, to be held in the country of illegal immigrants tend to live in the harsh environment found through the Malaysian NGO. Between 6000 and 9000 to keep illegal workers in nine camps throughout Malaysia.

The Malaysian government has acknowledged that about 40 illegal immigrants have died in the past 18 months in a detention camp near Kuala Lumpur. Some deaths are associated with malnutrition or unsanitary conditions result beriberi or typhoid infection.

The government says many of the dead who are Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia to reach on foot from being exhausted, the report said, most have been in the camp more than six months. Bangladesh government appealed details provided by the Government of Malaysia, Bangladesh 28 deaths in detention camps. There are nearly 3,000 Bangladeshis in Malaysia 9 detention center awaiting deportation.

In response to the Malaysian government to suspend the recruitment of Bangladeshi workers. It was reported that Bangladesh is paid $ 3,200 to recruit agents in Dhaka for the payment of $ 80 per month in Malaysia, which indicates Bangladeshi workers are expected to stay for several years working in Malaysia.

Following criticism of private enterprises to recruit the exploitation of workers, the Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers in Malaysia August 2 announced, employment agencies will no longer be allowed to recruit foreign workers, in addition to domestic workers and staff. Has been in the recruitment of foreign workers between companies and contract agreement be declared invalid. The new policy could lead to bankruptcy for most 169 recruitment agencies in Malaysia.

August 30, the Chinese government announced that it is ready for the next employer expectations, the terms with these countries to conclude bilateral agreements to hire foreign workers to direct the guidelines in Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines and Pakistan. Who received permission to hire foreign workers in Malaysia employer will apply to each country’s employment services for foreign workers, like the 1960s German guest worker recruitment system processing.

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