Kuala Lumpur / Historical Map and Photos 1

KL Railway Station

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station from the front of the main terminal and the first service in the back four railway line three platforms.
The main structure, which consists of a main hall, ticket counters and offices, mainly in the “Raj” design, similar to the molar mixing western and Mughal revival and India – Saracen architecture, enjoy the late 19th century, the visibility and the short early in the 20th century colonial India, and Europe. The station is worthy Bisudana Samad Building and around the surrounding structures built during the Independence Square. In addition to the main station building, three-story addition, in the north wing was added in advance of its operation, the domed verandahs adopt westernized vernacular design and surroundings and various widths. The appearance of the station is entirely covered, rather than exposed brick walls that choose a similar style buildings, and coated with a light-colored (usually white or cream) in its entire service.

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