Seoul / Constructions in Seoul during the Japanese Occupation

With the development of industry fields, the Japanese Empire also operated important changes within Seoul, transforming the insalubrious city into a modern capital based on western criterias. The dirty roads has been paved and widened and modern buildings has been built. Infrastructures like electricity, trolley cars, water supply as well as telephone and telegram has been developed to improve the living standard of the local populations as well as japanese immigrants. Local populations which were skeptical about adopting modern and mostly western habits and leave behind them their traditional practices has been forced to adopt the Japanese customs and modern equipments during this period. In spite of all the consequences of such changes, large improvements has been made in term of hygien and sanitation.


Seoul - Streets in Seoul before and during japanese occupation -Juliette Valat
“South Big Gate” in Seoul before and during the Japanese occupation


Seoul - Tramways in Seoul -Juliette Valat
Construction of the tramway in Seoul during the Japanese occupation


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