Bangkok (1960-1970) / Bibliography

Marc Askew, 2002, Bangkok: Place, Practice and Representation, Psychology Press, London

Askew’s book consists of two parts – the first examining Bangkok’s evolution from 1782 to present day under a broad socio-political narrative and addressing key forces behind its urbanisation; the second studying Bangkok’s existing urban phenomenon with a methodology indicated in the title – ‘place, practice and representation.’ This methodology predicates the rigour and multi-disciplinary nature of its analysis.  The “place” being understood as space combined with culture, ethnic, and historical meaning; “practice” as specific to Thai cultural capital and memories; “representation” referring to not only “symbols, maps and associated icons” but also power itself (owing its roots to Foucault and arguing for city to be viewed as representations instead of a single entity).


Larry Sternstein, 1971, Planning the Developing Primate City: Bangkok 2000, Australian National University

Sternstein is a leading scholar on Bangkok’s urban issues and was a town planning advisor for Bangkok’s municipality.  He is a prolific writer on historical ideologies, migration and population, cultural traditions and social issues of Thailand.

This book specifically addresses Bangkok’s city planning and compares existing urban plans proposed by different foreign and Thai scholars in the 60s; Sternstein holds a critical opinion against the prevalent paradigm that follows western models and fails to address local identity.  It also made available the translated version of Thailand’s city planning documents, aiding further research and critique.

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