Increase of Public Transport to relief current traffic congestions

There has been an uncontrolled and sprawl development in that has been happening in the Grater Jakarta, JABODETABEK for the last three decades. Over the past 40 years, the population has increased to a significant amount in the region. The Impacts to the transportation sector has been severe due to this. The increase of commuters have increased an average of 50% every decade and by 2013, almost 2 million cars enter Jakarta per day. Thus leading to severe traffic congestions everywhere and causing citizens to be stuck in traffic every day. The Absence of these Public transport has lead to the increase number of cars and motorcycles over the years.


Due to this, the government and the Provincial Government of Jakarta plan to build:

  • Six more toll-road to enter the city
  • Two lanes of mono rail
  • A lane of MRT from the southern part to the city center

However all these plan are all to be constructed on the already dense road structure of Jakarta. This can be adding more stress onto the ground level. Therefore I think that instead of building too much more addition onto the ground level, another alternative is to build elevated train transportation. With this, it can relief the road stress level of commuting. Then maybe the grid can be modified for the future development of the roads.

To achieve the elevated train idea, it only takes 3 or 4 monorail networks to build among the 13 river and canals to service the commuters from the southern part. While the monorail that serves the east and western parts of Jakarta can be built over the toll roads. Some examples can be seen in other countries like China and Japan.

Jakarta.monorail, Hojunyin
public Monorail and train integration



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