Istanbul (1920s-1930s)/ First National Architectural Movement



The main post office in Istanbul is one of the masterpiece under the influence of national architectural movement. The architect of the post Tek make use of different kinds and colours of materials. Following Ottoman’s predominant styles, the post have façade highly decorated with marble and cut stone, especially bricks designed by the architect. A huge atrium is right after the entrance, the offices gather to a three-storey building.


The First National Architectural Movement led by local architects Vedat Tek which all architecture is came from the traditional Turks region,

This movement follow the idea of secularism suggested from Ataturk which, in hid concept, turkey should be unique in political architectural and social under the situation of frequent invasion in order to remind his citizen the identity themselves, the architect at that time therefore avoid the western influence and developed on the ground of Ottoman architecture. The movement therefore also called as national architectural renaissance.

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