Istanbul/Bibliography 1

Book: Metz, H. (1996). Turkey, a country study. Washington, D.C.: Federal Research Division, Library of Congress.


The book examined the interrelationships of political, economic, social and national security systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors in Turkey.


Through Chapter 1, the history of the country since the ancient time until nowadays is narrated. The notable part is “Ataturk and the Turkish Nation”, which introduce the contribution of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, “the father of the Turks”, to the country, as he established the Republic of Turkey and brought Ataturk’s Reforms, introducing the sharp change of society to the country.


After briefly understand the history of the country, I focused on the second section, “ The Society and its Environment”, which explained how Ataturk’s Reforms brought influences, especially in religious life. These influences even affect the architectures within the country, as religion is a large part of the Turks’ life. The style of the buildings and the urban planning of the cities are therefore affected.


As the main cultural and economic centre of the country, Istanbul stands an important role throughout the overall history of Turkey. The book can give a brief impression of how the city is affected since 1900s.

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