Jakarta / Narrative: From Riverbank Slum to President of Indonesia

From Riverbank Slum to President of Indonesia© KiniTV

The clip talks about the previous president election in Indonesia. The result happened to be a prosperous one with Jokowi who came from the grassroot winning the title from the dominance of traditional wealthy elites.


Although this happened not long ago but is definitely related to the issue of slums in Jakarta. With the dominance of political power by the rich or elite, thoughtful decisions are seldom made to benefit the poor and history has proved that they rarely show sympathy to the underprivileged so there are forced evictions happened all over the county. Also, past policies were often in favour of the middle class and the rich in the name of boosting the economy and as a result, widening the wealth gap between the rich and the poor.


“ Jokowi’s presidential campaign was mainly funded by a large number of individual donors from across the country”


“You can see how many people involved. The volunteers are real heros, not the political party. The people who put their money, their time and their energy into this idea of voting for Jokowi…which is unusual”

This is a sign showing that the citizens can bear no more the current situations in Indonesia with one-fourth of the people living in slums, meaning that the slum is no more just a problem, but a pressing issue that has to be dealt with.

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